Dental Warranty

If you have Dental Warranty, you can rest assured that your dental procedures for Restorative, Cosmetic and other qualifying procedures can be redone at little-to-no cost to you! You will not have to pay your dentist again to repair or re-do the restorative work you’ve already received once before.

Each Dental Warranty contract varies, but plans include:

  • No-Cost Protection: You can be reimbursed up to 100% of the original cost of your dental procedure. You are able to put this money toward a repair or replacement.
  • Transferable Warranty: If you move and find a new dentist, or if you have an emergency procedure completed while traveling, your warranty will cover it. Your Dental Warranty will protect work performed by any dentist!
  • Continuous Guarantee: If your current dentist retires, moves or stops practicing, your warranty will cover the work performed by your new dentist.
  • No Accountability Clause: If you have an accident or encounter any facial trauma, your warranty covers it! You will not be held responsible for an accident.

If you’re interested in insuring your dental work, please speak with our staff about Dental Warranty.