Root Canals

When deep decay affects the nerves and soft tissues of a tooth, your smile may be compromised. Internal damage cannot be covered with a crown or veneer. Instead, the infected nerve must be removed in order to avoid permanent tooth loss.

Root canals may be needed for a tooth that:

  • Has undergone trauma
  • Is highly sensitive
  • Causes severe pain or toothache
  • Is discolored or dark
  • Has large fillings that are leaking
  • Has fractured roots

If you are experiencing tooth pain or darkening, it’s time to consult with Dr. Van Horn about your oral health. You can schedule your consultation with a call to our office today.

Don’t Delay Root Canal Treatment!

Some patients delay root canal therapy because they are afraid of potential pain or costs. However, root canal treatment is an urgent service that could save your natural tooth when completed promptly.

Dr. Van Horn may suggest root canal therapy if it can prevent tooth extraction and provide relief. Root canal treatment will protect your natural smile and your comfort, and can be perfectly affordable.

Gentle Root Canals at Island City Dentistry

Patient comfort is a high priority for us. We will make sure your root canal treatment is as comfortable as possible. Sedation dentistry is available for anxious patients who want to relax and feel at ease throughout their procedure.

Dr. Van Horn and her team use the latest dental innovations to guarantee your root canal treatment is as painless as possible. Your procedure should be no more stressful than a standard filling service!

We will thoroughly numb the entire area around the teeth being treated, so you will experience little to no discomfort. We will even apply numbing cream before the injection. Of course, you will be provided with amenities and entertainment to enhance your experience.

Dr. Van Horn is happy to provide first rate endodontic services to our patients right here at Island City Dentistry. Don’t put your treatment off—give us a call to schedule your consultation. We would be happy to sit down with you to discuss your concerns and assess your needs today.